Welcome to my Country Home -- I hope you'll enjoy your visit to my website.

It's quite extensive, having originally been created in 2002 on Geocities. It grew very quickly as I began to add sections about things which interest me, and about myself, my family and my pets.

In the fall of 2009, I took my cue when Yahoo announced they were closing Geocities, upgraded to webhosting and moved the whole site to my own domain - jaynescountryhome.com. All the same content is still here and all the links *should* be working.

Here you will find the latest additions to my site.

Ooops, it's been a long time since I updated! I lost access for a while and only recently found the email I needed with the password to be able to update.
So hopefully I'll be able to update more frequently now.
Here's what's happening in the Garden - Summer 2013 (7/31/13)
Made some changes in the Digital Artwork section (12/26/12)
Garden - Spring 2012 -- We finally got some much needed rain and were encouraged to start a veggie garden. (Added 6/30/12)
Garden - Fall 2011 -- No relief from the drought, but lots of entertainment in the garden (Added 1/10/12)
Garden - Summer 2011 -- Record breaking heat and drought didn't deter this gardener! (Added 1/10/12)

One of the latest additions to 3D Designs by Jayne, my online store at Zazzle.com

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